I want to acknowledge the inspiration I received from my graduate advisor, Paul C. Johnson,
who taught me hy his example to strive for excellence in both teaching and research. I am also
grateful to the other physiology faculty at the University of Arizona in the early 1970s for their
contagious love and enthusiasm for physiology. Feedback from medical students I have taught
for more than 30 years has been invaluable in stimulating me to explore new ways to more effec-
tively teach cardiovascular physiology. I appreciate the helpful suggestions from those who criti-
cally reviewed the first edition. These individuals offered many valuable comments that served
to enrich the content and format of this second edition. I also want to thank all the talented
people at Lippincott Williams & Wilkins who have worked with me on this textbook. Special
gratitude is reserved for my loving and patient wife Karen, our four sons, and my parents who
always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Finally, I want to thank God for enabling me to
fulfill my dreams.
Richard E. Klabunde, PhD
Athens, Ohio
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